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Sensorium Pictures is an award-winning production company that has previously worked with companies like Lionsgate and HBO. Founded in 2012, our aim is to deliver strong narrative films and television series with complex, diverse characters, in bold and beautiful imagery.

Our stories are typically suspense-driven and focus on the spectrum of humanity, with characters who have inner demons and morality issues - often in extraordinary circumstances.  

A central theme? "Nothing is as it seems."


Sensorium is dedicated to our audience, because without an audience, there is no business. We want our viewers to experience a range of emotion, and believe that stories are the foundation of humanity. With stories, from people of all walks of life, we can communicate with and understand others better.  

Cate Carson, writer|director, and J. Everley, producer|post-production supervisor, are the founders of Sensorium Pictures and are based in Los Angeles. 



"Of Mine" 

Now on the festival circuit

The Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) teamed with the LA producers of the NPR program, "The Moth"  for the inaugural AWD Shoot ‘Em Up Short Film Series, where you see the evolution of a story to screenplay to film. The challenge? One month from script to screen, and a $1000 grant. Six female directors, including Cate were selected from a highly competitive pool of their peers, and given true stories to tell. The films first screened at Disney Animation Studios in Oct, 2018 and #OfMineFilm has been selected at various festivals since.

Development Slate

Film and Television Projects

We have television series' and narrative features in various stages of production - to include "PURE" (see above), "MementoMari" a dark dramedy feature currently being packaged, "The Absolute", a one hour mystery crime anthology series, and various other feature and tv content. If interested in collaboration or more information, please check out our contact section below. 

Other Awards and News

Over the years, we have worked with various other creatives and companies, and attended film festivals with our work. Our script "Charlotte Sometimes" has won or placed in several major screenplay competitions, and our short film, "Masque" - through Lionsgate- was the wildcard winning film directed by Cate Carson and produced by J. Everley. We are also in post-production for "PURE", a proof of concept for the tv series we have in the packaging stage. 


Looking for a production team, director, or producer? Get in touch! Please note, we do not accept scripts and other unsolicited materials.


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