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2021 Festival circuit grand jury winning adventure/suspense short film. More at

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Cate Carson

J. Everley

Writer | Director & Head of Development

Producer & Head of Production


Sensorium Pictures is an award-winning production company that has previously worked with companies like Lionsgate and HBO. Our aim is to deliver emotionally compelling, universally themed, and visually bold adventure, suspense, and sci-fi films and television series. Typically our stories involve unconventional, diverse characters in remarkable circumstances.

With backgrounds in military intelligence/law enforcement, and construction labor and management, our strengths naturally lie in leadership and bringing a spectrum of humanity to our work, but we've also not forgotten the kid inside. We want to bring the same enjoyment to future generations as we had growing up. Embracing both the past and future, our endless curiosity drives our imagination and we believe stories are the foundation of humanity - stories from all walks of life - both real, and imagined.  


Sensorium Pictures was founded by Cate Carson and J. Everley.

J. is a RespectAbility lab alumni and disabled, BIPOC producer. Cate is a Navy veteran, director|writer, and Blackmagic Collective "Future Directors of Studio Features" Initiative Fellow for 2021. They are based in Los Angeles.

More info on Cate can be found at


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WIF Award - Crystal and Lucy's
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Justin Plasse - producer/editor
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Pitches and Promos
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The Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) teamed with the LA producers of the NPR program, "The Moth"  for the inaugural AWD Shoot ‘Em Up Short Film Series, where you see the evolution of a story to screenplay to film. The challenge? One month from script to screen, and a $1000 grant. Six female directors, including Cate were selected from a highly competitive pool of their peers, and given true stories to tell. The films first screened at Disney Animation Studios in Oct, 2018 and #OfMineFilm had been selected at various festivals in the 2019 circuit.

"Of Mine" 

Development Slate

Film and Television Projects

We have narrative features and television series in various stages of development. If interested in collaboration or for more information, please check out our contact section below. 

"Frag" - (contained family adventure/scifi) 

When a small, prehistoric creature springs into their lives, an estranged niece and her uncle must locate his long-lost hive before he’s discovered by outside forces and their town is thrown into chaos.

"Castle Bravo" - a contained historical suspense feature that plays out in real time from the mid-point on. When a physicist realizes her misguided husband and his team's calculations could be wrong, she attempts to intervene during an atomic nuclear test in the Bikini Atolls in 1954. 

"Charlotte Sometimes" - A whimsical fantasy/ holiday  dramedy feature about a girl who discovers a Christmas dream machine, and the need to reconnect with her deaf and widowed toymaker father. 

"The Absolute" - A 1 hour mystery crime anthology series about the evolution of the Secret Service (with a touch of historical revisionism), beginning with a post-Civil War counterfeiting and economic plot to take over the U.S. economy. Other seasons lead us to the secret war with Germany on U.S. soil, the UFO incident as a backdrop to the break-in of Fort Knox, as well as the first 5 female agents and African American director in the 70's amidst the U.S. gold conspiracy. 

"Colfax and Mingo" - a buddy cop comedy adventure feature. In the criminal underworld, gigolo pigeon racing brings the world's worst together. Two cops who accidentally bust each other will need to work together for the biggest takedown in history. 


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Other Awards and News

Over the years, we have worked with various other creatives and companies, and attended international and oscar-qualifying film festivals with our work. Our script "Charlotte Sometimes" has won or placed in several major screenplay competitions, and our Lionsgate short film, "Masque" was a national directing competition, wildcard winning film recognized at the Crystal & Lucy's . "Whiskey Boys" was a finalist and nominated for a "Greenie Award" through HBO's Project Greenlight; it was later distributed on HBO's platform. In 2018,"Of Mine" was an Alliance of Women Directors granted short film that premiered at Disney Studios, and our latest short, #ThePlumber, is a grand jury winning short film now on the festival circuit.

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Looking for a production team, director, or producer? Or just want to get to know us? Say hello. *Please note, we do not accept scripts and other unsolicited materials.


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